"I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that before our engagement with the 19 Oaks team we had not spent much thought on developing or recognizing a coherent customer profile, nor did I realize the importance of doing just that. Moreover, in developing our marketing approach together with 19 Oaks, I almost immediately realized several misaligned pieces of the puzzle, including our existing website.

The 19 Oaks team was instrumental in developing a comprehensive company profile and style, based on many hours of listening to us, asking questions, adjusting as needed, and most importantly helping me understand the rationale for every decision we made together.

I learned so much on the way, thank you!"
—Hagen Blaszky, Owner, 
North Edge K9













Customer Personas

What are brand and customer personas and why do I need them?

When you think about companies you love — ones that you are completely loyal to — what attributes do they share? Chances are high that one of them is that you know exactly what that company stands for and why they deserve your business.

Creating a brand persona is the process that establishes your company's personality — the one you want your customers to love and tell their friends about. Or, to put it another way, your brand is what people say about you when you aren’t in the room.

Once you have established your company persona, you need to get the word out to customers. But, to be most effective, you can't just broadcast a single message to the universe (a practice that's been dubbed, "spray and pray"), because speaking to everyone means connecting with no one.

Instead, today's most influential and revered companies understand that you need to craft specific messages to different audiences.

For example, a cross-over SUV manufacturer will have one ad playing during the Winter Games featuring skiers heading to the slopes, while another ad for the same car on the Golf Channel may feature safety and comfort features.  

It's the same for your customers. It's essential to identify your different customer and prospect segments, but even more powerful is creating personas for those segments. 

Developing customer personas allows us to "take a deep dive" to uncover who your existing customers are but more important, how to find more customers like them.

Developing brand and customer personas is critical to the success your creative 

When you can envision speaking to an actual person, it adds energy and cohesiveness to your messaging and campaigns. 

Just like real life conversations your language, tone and voice need to align with the person you are talking to whenever you create and publish content.  It sounds daunting to create content looking through the filters of customer personas, but it is actually easier and more effective than the scattered approach many companies currently employ.

Clearly defined customer personas help you prioritize and build marketing campaigns, measure their success and adjust accordingly. This means better, more effective creative for your marketing dollar.

To get started, download our free Buyer Persona Profile Kit. 

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