Sales and Marketing Services

19 Oaks is a strategic sales and marketing company.

We help our clients define success and achieve it by developing creative, measurable solutions for business growth.

19 Oaks servicesTell us about your business, your customers, and your “big picture” place in the world.

Then we’ll create a strategy to help you reach your goals. We’ll build it around useful content marketing, integrated sales procedures, data management, and analytics. Are you ready to grow?

  • Integrate your sales and marketing. 
    When they work together productively, everybody wins.

  • Get your communication under one roof. 
    One voice and one strategy for all your company’s conversations.  

  • Tell your story.
    Good storytelling produces trust and devotion.

  • Measure your results. 
    Review and refine your strategy for greater returns.

Our Services

We deliver a sustainable approach to business growth that unites your sales and marketing efforts around a central goal. 

marketing strategyMarketing Strategy
We help you evaluate your needs and build concrete plans to streamline your processes, strengthen your relationships, and accelerate sales.

content creationContent Creation
We write copy and design content for websites, blog posts, email marketing, social media, articles, ebooks, advertisements, videos, webinars, and more.

website developmentWebsite Development
We work with you to create a website that tells your story, attracts new customers, and is a pleasure to use on desktop and mobile devices.

sales-icon-web-1.pngSales Enablement
We provide sales training, sales processes, sales scripts, and sales management to enhance customer experience and increase revenue.


data-icon-web.pngData Management
We help you collect, use, and maintain information, including your contact lists and CRM, to better understand your customers and identify prospects.

6 Reasons You Might Need 19 Oaks:

  1. You are losing market share to a competitor.

  2. Your customers are aging, and you don't know how to find new ones. 

  3. You have a great product, but it hasn't really taken off. 

  4. You are experiencing high staff turnover—especially in the sales department. 

  5. You know you should be using social media, but you're not sure how to start. Anyway, who has the time? 

  6. You need a website that will really drive leads and attract
    new business. 

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