[Case Study] Sales Placement


A firm based in Southern Maine that has been providing accounting services for over 100 years needed to fill a position that would require the person to know sales, marketing, and be able to contribute support during tax season. They experienced a couple of unsuccessful hires.  The company had:

  • No existing marketing system, process, goals or tools
  • No data on lifetime value of existing customers, no customer or prospect profiles
  • No sales system, CRM, process or prospect lists


The firm simply needed a foundation of information about existing customers, a marketing plan and a CRM in which to track their success.

Our initiatives included:

  • We created an annual Strategic Sales and Marketing Playbook with content calendar which outlined the plan.  
  • Using tools like Basecamp and HubSpot we established sales and marketing process and CRM.  
  • We did in depth customer data analysis creating lifetime values, customer profiles and style guide.  We then created a list of referral sources that targeted their prospect profiles.  
  • We helped write the job description and hire the sales and marketing professional and provided the onboarding and training into the systems.  
  • We continued to work with the individual on a weekly basis for marketing, and monthly basis for sales, with quarterly training company-wide to teach and engage all employees .


The president has an organized system that tells him the plan of where they are and where they are going allowing him to work with the sales and marketing professional in an efficient, fun and exciting way.

The sales and marketing professional has clear goals, a plan to follow, tools to implement and measure and a company that fully supports her role.

The company’s employees that are educated and engaged in the marketing and sales process who understand their role in the customer experience and new customer acquisition.

The customers are gaining access to valuable, relevant information through seminars, emails, web, blogs, social media and personal touches from everyone at the company.

“I highly recommend Shay Bellas and the 19 Oaks Team for marketing and sales services. They understand our business, customers, prospects and what we need to do to grow our business. Everything they do is Strategic, well planned, and measurable. They designed an entire plan for us then delivered on that plan. The process was smooth and professional. They met their deadlines, but just as importantly they helped us meet our internal deadlines as well, working with our team to get the plan up and running. Shay helped us hire the right person internally, trained that person, and helped me to be a more effective manager of the marking function in our Company. Shay and her team help us get our message out to prospects and bring in more business. If you want to grow your business, improve your customer experience, and upgrade your processes I encourage you to call 19 Oaks." —Owner and President of Accounting Firm.

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