"19 Oaks has played an invaluable role in our marketing and sales processes, from training our staff, to interviewing and placing a dedicated marketing and sales person, to redesigning and developing our website. As a result, our phone is ringing a lot more and we're securing new business. The best part is, we're getting the types of clients we want to strategically grow our company. I highly recommend 19 Oaks to any business seeking to boost their marketing or sales."
—Michael Royer, President, 
Berry Talbot Royer













Sales Enablement

Every business (including your nonprofit!) depends on robust and growing sales for success. We provide sales training, sales processes, sales scripts, and sales management to enhance customer experience and increase revenue.

We bring an expert perspective to your sales environment. Services include:

Sales process – We will build a custom, step-by-step process for your sales staff to use to guide prospects through the sales funnel and close new customers.

Sales management – We can help you with everything from hiring the right people to onboarding them effectively, tracking performance, and compensating to drive desired actions.

Sales training – We work with your sales managers and sales staff to remove barriers, assess needs, and optimize performance.

Sales diagnostics – We can perform a custom analysis of your entire sales organization with recommendations for how to be more competitive and successful.

Case Study

Sales Placement Case Study
Learn how 19 Oaks helped one firm hire and train a sales and marketing professional to increase revenue. 

You need a sales strategy that successfully meets your revenue expectations. When you’re ready to close more business, fill out our contact form or call (207) 619-7155.