"I've worked with 19 Oaks for several years and trust them with all of our sales and marketing needs, including staff training, website development, social media, print and web ads, email campaigns and more. 19 Oaks understands how to communicate with and delight our customers, which has improved our brand and customer experience and positively impacted our bottom line. Before 19 Oaks, our biggest challenge was service awareness. Now all of our customers understand what we do and how it benefits them. I’m very happy with the work 19 Oaks does and the level of service they provide. "
—David Machesney, President, Pratt Abbott

"Hiring 19 Oaks to assist us with our Strategic Plan was a great decision. The staff fully integrated themselves into our line of work to truly understand our company, processes, problems, and successes. 19 Oaks provided us with a different way of thinking; bringing us back to the basics of communicating with our members and taking care of them in order set a strong base for continuing to grow the organization."
—Lynn Tillotson, President, 
Greater Portland Maine Convention and Visitors Bureau

Marketing Strategy

We help you evaluate your needs and build concrete plans to streamline your processes, strengthen your relationships, and accelerate sales.

Essential components of your marketing strategy will include:

Discovery – We take the time to understand your business and your customers on a deep level. Using analytics, competitor research, and creative intelligence, we form a picture of where you are and where you’re headed.

Customer Personas – Based on our Discovery, we create dynamic portraits that represent your ideal types of customer. These inform your marketing and your sales process with rich consumer data, helping to consolidate messaging across different media.

Brand Persona – Who are you, and what image do you project? What is your larger purpose? We’ll translate your story into a voice for communicating with customers, and build your audience with targeted messaging.

Editorial Calendar – Your editorial calendar is your marketing strategy in spreadsheet form. Who are you talking to? How often? What about? All of this will be mapped out in a strategic marketing “playbook.”

Case Studies 

Retail Case Study
Discover how 19 Oaks helped a long-established business identify new revenue streams and reach more buyers. 

Public Outreach Case Study
The City of Portland turned to 19 Oaks to help communicate critical municipal information to its constituents. 

5K Race Case Study [Free Tool]
19 Oaks helped a nonprofit organize and promote a 5K race to fundraise for their organization.  

The most engaging and effective marketing starts with a carefully researched strategic plan. When you’re ready to build your customer base with profitable marketing and sales, fill out our contact form or call (207) 619-7155.