Helping a Green Initiative Build on Their Success


A national nonprofit focused on sustainable green initiatives for new and existing buildings had gone through several leadership changes in the three preceding years. Sales were lagging, and the Board of Directors decided they needed to focus on generating more sales from existing services. 


The new Executive Director contacted 19 Oaks to guide her through the sales management process and effective management of her sales person. 

Here’s what we accomplished:

  • Identified the lead acquisition process
  • Segmented sales revenue of prior sales year by services and buyer categories for the organization and individual sales reps
  • Created a map of their buyer journey (initial contact, discovery, quote, follow-up, agreement, billing and fulfillment)
  • Audited sales pipeline to create criteria for stages in the sales cycle
  • Defined their sales process 
  • Created forecasting to provide a roadmap to revenue goals 
  • Developed an understanding of the how the sales CRM impacted other part of the organization (accounting, marketing, client services, legal and HR)
  • Created roles and responsibilities for the Executive Director as it related to her Sales Management duties:
    • How to use her CRM as a sales management and coaching tool
    • How to delegate individual one-on-one meetings with salespeople (with meeting agenda)
    • Developed sales reports and delivery methods for sales staff accountability and forecasting


We helped the Executive Director set goals, implement changes in process, and exceed the expectations of the Board. This gave the whole organization:

  • Manageable sales expectations
  • Sales process and forecasting to provide a roadmap to revenue goals
  • Updated stages of sales cycle that aligned and with key objectives
  • Sales leadership processes
  • Changes in accounting and fulfilment process to align with buyer journey
  • Performance guidelines for sales staff and additional sales management tools 
  • Agenda for internal one-on-one sales calls with sales rep
  • New and more relevant sales reporting for faster growth

How it impacted each person on their team:

The Executive Director now understands the sales operations process and buyer  journey in the organization. Roles and responsibilities are defined, sales expectations are clear, and CRM rules of use was vented and implemented. The Executive Director is now able to meet the Board’s expectations for her role. 

The Sales Administrator was given a new title and role to coach to the sales staff via the CRM and communicate sales results. He is more confident and secure in his role. 

The Sales Professional has clear goals and sales expectations. The CRM will deliver weekly reports, and the sales administrator have a weekly one-on-one call to assure compliance. 

The Office Manager understands the impact of the sales pipeline. The CRM rules have provided a positive impact on the operational side of the business.

The company’s employees are engaged in the marketing and sales process and understand their role in the buyer’s experience and new customer acquisition.

The impact 19 Oaks had on this organization is profound. We help you create an effective sales management process, too. Fill out our contact form or call (207) 619-7155.