Editorial Calendar [Free Tool]

Editorial Calendar Template

Editorial Calendar Template

Every business needs a "playbook" for marketing and sales

Our free editorial calendar template will keep you on track as you plan and execute your marketing activities. 

This customizable and easy-to-use Google Spreadsheet helps you build your marketing strategy, implement it, and measure your success. It's the same thing we use to help our clients create and execute campaigns that meet and exceed their business goals. 

Use it to: 

  • Establish your yearly themes and goals
  • Aggregate your competitor and affiliate information
  • Plan and execute blog posts, emails, landing pages and more
  • Measure your return on investment

Get Your Editorial Calendar

You will be prompted to make a copy of the Google Doc for your own files. Instructions and examples are included. If you have any questions, just fill out our contact form below. 

You're not alone

19 Oaks excels at marketing strategy. 

Let us help you create and implement processes that set you up for successful marketing campaigns via social media, email marketing, advertisements, events and more. When you're ready to expand your customer base and boost sales, fill out our contact form or call (207) 619-7155. 

Services Include:

  • Business, customer and competitor discovery
  • Branding and message architecture
  • Social media set-up, monitoring, and posting
  • Campaign planning and execution
  • Content creation and implementation
  • Reporting and analytics

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