[Case Study] Charitable Giving


A Northern New England retail chain had no organized system for addressing sponsorship requests from local schools, charities, theaters and athletic teams. Each store location was left to determine if they could handle the request on their own. The company received very little reciprocation (such as donation letters, advertising, web or event acknowledgements, and media coverage) for its contributions. More importantly, the company was missing out on the opportunity to let its customers know that they were engaged in the community and supporting the things their customers cared about.


19 Oaks organized and formalized the chain’s procedures around charitable giving. Our initiatives included:

  • Created an aggregate list of all the donations, sponsorships and in-kind services across locations
  • Developed an agreement template to work with all existing and future charitable giving acts
  • Negotiated complimentary tickets, ads, banners, landing pages, mentions and other promotional services at events and on site in exchange for sponsorship or donations
  • Created a content calendar with each organization for social marketing, print, radio and television ads, adding further support and engagement for their charitable cause
  • Created all of the ads and promotional materials and wrote all copy promoting the partnership, including social media posts and email marketing
  • Reviewed and renegotiated each agreement on an annual basis


The charities this company partners with now feel like they are reciprocating. Several of the organizations have created similar relationships with their other donors because they find it so beneficial.

The company’s employees are better able to manage and budget charitable donations. They feel increased pride in their company’s culture and values.

Due to the increased publicity, the customers are aware that the company gives back to the community. They feel more engaged with the company and proud to associate with a business that supports the causes they care about.

“I value my relationship with this company. We couldn’t do what we do without them, and now I feel like I bring value to the table as well. I use the agreement template with all our sponsors now and follow 19 Oaks’ direction and meet with them annually to show what both parties received – it helps me close more sponsors.” —Andrew H., Production Manager, Portland Stage Company

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