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5 Things Your Nonprofit is Missing from its Financial Strategy

Posted by Shay Bellas   

Nonprofits spend a lot of time defining what their mission is and what they aim to do. They see there is a need to raise awareness about a cause, and then set out to do it. Along the way they have to raise money and lobby for actions, either on the political side or constituent/consumer side, or both.  

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Engaging Membership & Asking for Money Aren’t the Same

Posted by Jeff Ryan   

As a member of a number of nonprofit organizations, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend over the last few years — an incessant drumbeat of pleas for money that threatens to drown out the most important message of all: Why I joined the organizations in the first place.

Why did this happen? There is no question that the recession put the squeeze on nonprofits. A 2009 survey of 2,279 nonprofits by the National Council of Nonprofits reported that while demand for services is increasing, nonprofits are facing escalating operating costs and decreasing revenues, including a decline in individual contributions.

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5 Tips for Nonprofit Fundraising

Posted by Erica Hatch   

We all know that money is a sensitive subject. Nobody really likes to ask others for money, and nobody likes to be asked for money. For nonprofit organizations, however, asking for money is a crucial component of their business strategy. While asking for donations may be a stressful process, there are ways that nonprofits can effectively reach their fundraising goals.

Here are five helpful tips that will get your organization a step closer to reaching its fundraising goals:

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