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Improve Your Marketing with an Editorial Calendar [Free Template]

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An editorial calendar is your content manager

Strong marketing campaigns that build a loyal following and increase sales require organization and planning. I am not a planner. And while I like and admire organization, I don’t like it enough to actually organize my life, or my desk, or the files on my computer. Also, I hate spreadsheets. This makes me the perfect person to explain why (and how) you should use an editorial calendar to plan and organize your content marketing. Really! If I can do it, anyone can.

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19 Holiday Gifts from Portland, Maine

Posted by 19 Oaks   

Why brave the dreaded mall during the holiday season when you can do all your shopping right in town? Here is our list of 19 local Maine holiday presents for all ages and price ranges:

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The 19 Best Bars in Portland, Maine

Posted by 19 Oaks   

You can't make a list of Portland's best bars without breaking some hearts

Mainers are some of the heaviest drinkers in the US, so it's no surprise that we love our bars. In compiling this list of The 19 Best Bars in Portland, I've discovered two things:

  1. There are way more than 19 great bars in Portland
  2. No two Portlanders will ever agree on which 19 are the ultimate best
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