[Case Study] 5K Race


A Maine based non-profit decided that they wanted to host a 5k race to raise funds. While many of the members had run in 5k races none were sure how to organize and promote the event bringing in enough revenue to justify their time and energy, understanding that they were competing with many other worthy causes using a 5k to raise money.


19 Oaks:

  • Created a strategic plan that could be used as a template year after year. 
  • The template was a calendar of what they needed to do for logistics, marketing and sales.  This included relationships with referral organizations. 
  • Wrote sample copy for social, free posts, websites, print and radio ads for them to use and modify throughout the preparation of the event.
  • Established a process for having excellent prizes year after year


The goal of the first year was to have 150 participants. We got them 350.  The next year, they followed the same template and grew the race from 300 to 529.

Get your free copy of our successful fundraising playbook here! It's an editable, sharable Google Doc designed to help you organize and promote your event.