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Why You Need an Editorial Calendar [Free Template]

Posted by Georgia Barnes   

An editorial calendar is your content manager

Strong marketing campaigns that build a loyal following and increase sales require organization and planning. I am not a planner. And while I like and admire organization, I don’t like it enough to actually organize my life, or my desk, or the files on my computer. Also, I hate spreadsheets. This makes me the perfect person to explain why (and how) you should use an editorial calendar to plan and organize your content marketing. Really! If I can do it, anyone can.

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Topics: content, editorial calendar, content marketing

How to Avoid Tax Fraud & Identity Theft

Posted by Shay Bellas   

Perhaps you’ve seen the headlines declaring that tax fraud is on the rise.

When you think of tax fraud or identity theft, you rarely envision yourself as the victim. You might picture an unsuspecting elderly person falling victim, or perhaps a young person who overshares personal details online. As a businesswoman, I don’t think of myself as susceptible to easy scams. Before this week, I thought identity theft happened to other people. Unfortunately, it happened to my family and to me. This year, we were the victims of fraudulent tax filing and identity theft. Here is what happened and how we learned to fix it. I hope my story will help you avoid a similar fate.

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Topics: personal finance, identity theft, tax fraud, advice

5 Picks for Maine Restaurant Week 2015

Posted by Georgia Barnes   

Maine Restaurant Week (March 1–14) is such a welcome close to winter that we Mainers went ahead and made it two weeks. That means you have no excuses! It’s time to break out of your winter doldrums and head out for a night on the town and a culinary adventure. You need to get out and live a little—in spite of the towering snow piles and poor parking conditions. Plus, Maine restaurants have had a long winter too, and they need our support.

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Topics: Maine Restaurant Week

A Watershed Event for the City of Portland, Maine

Posted by Jeff Ryan   

A cleaner Portland harbor for work and play

In a world where we often hear how dysfunctional government can be, a case of things working well is happy news indeed.

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Topics: culture, portland, Maine, government, stormwater

How to Write a Great Headline

Posted by Jeff Ryan   

I always had a gift for writing headlines. In fact, I got my first writing job because I kept yelling headline ideas over the cubicle partition that separated me from the Creative Department, until the staff begged their boss to hire me.

I’m good at writing headlines for two reasons. The first reason is that I love playing with word forms. Turning over phrases in my head comes naturally to me. I constantly critique other companies' creative materials and play the game of how I might tackle the same challenge. It keeps me sharp and aware of what’s going on in the marketing world and beyond.

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Topics: sales, marketing, content, headlines, writing

Self Defense: A Guide to Badassery

Posted by Georgia Barnes   

You probably like to think of yourself as a badass.

I do. I like to brag and swagger and riff about my “kung fu skills.” Yes, I am obnoxious: I will challenge you to an arm wrestle. When I lose, I’ll remind you that I’m left handed and claim I didn’t want to make you cry.

But the truth is, I weigh less than 120 pounds, my upper body strength is feeble, and I tend to panic. Once I was mugged by two preteen boys who used a tiny axe for a weapon. I am a badass only in my own mind.

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Topics: culture, portland, Maine, self-defense, badassery

Coming Full Circle with Junior Achievement of Maine

Posted by Emily Machesney   

The author, Emily Machesney (right), participating in Junior Achievement of Maine's Titan Challenge while a student at Portland's Cheverus High School.

The past several months have heralded a lot of changes for me. I graduated from college, moved back to Maine, and joined the working world as a part of 19 Oaks. After 17 years, five schools, three application processes, and countless tests, essays, lectures, and homework assignments, I am no longer a student.  

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Topics: nonprofit, nonprofit marketing, Maine, volunteering

How to "Stand Up" Maine

Posted by Georgia Barnes   

Three years ago, a friend of mine “stood up” a village in Africa. She and some work colleagues signed up to participate in a
Give Movement Journey from Suzanne Evans & Hills of Africa Travel. They went to an African village, dug a well, built a school and a medical facility, and brought medical supplies. They also took the women of the village to nearby towns to teach them how to market and sell their products. This way they could sustain the work of my friend and her colleagues, and make sure the village survived for generations to come.

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Topics: affiliates, advocacy, Maine, entrepreneurship, volunteering

19 Holiday Gifts from Portland, Maine

Posted by Emily Machesney   

Why brave the Dreaded Mall during the holiday season when you can do all your shopping right in town? Here is our list of 19 local Maine holiday presents for all ages and price ranges:

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Topics: portland, 19 Things

The Business Darwin Awards

Posted by Emily Machesney   


Ever done something really stupid at work? Of course you have. I just sent out an email in which I wrote Wednesday but listed Thursday’s date. While you might feel like a dunce doing things like that, they aren’t the end of the world. However, some bad choices do lead companies to implode. From forgetting to do your paperwork to creating a dictatorial culture of fear, let’s take a look at seven businesses that majorly messed up. Inspired by this thread on Reddit, we are awarding all of them Business Darwin Awards. 

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Topics: strategy, management, retail

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