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How to "Stand Up" Maine

Posted by Georgia Barnes   

Three years ago, a friend of mine “stood up” a village in Africa. She and some work colleagues signed up to participate in a
Give Movement Journey from Suzanne Evans & Hills of Africa Travel. They went to an African village, dug a well, built a school and a medical facility, and brought medical supplies. They also took the women of the village to nearby towns to teach them how to market and sell their products. This way they could sustain the work of my friend and her colleagues, and make sure the village survived for generations to come.

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19 Holiday Gifts from Portland, Maine

Posted by Emily Machesney   

Why brave the Dreaded Mall during the holiday season when you can do all your shopping right in town? Here is our list of 19 local Maine holiday presents for all ages and price ranges:

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The Business Darwin Awards

Posted by Emily Machesney   


Ever done something really stupid at work? Of course you have. I just sent out an email in which I wrote Wednesday but listed Thursday’s date. While you might feel like a dunce doing things like that, they aren’t the end of the world. However, some bad choices do lead companies to implode. From forgetting to do your paperwork to creating a dictatorial culture of fear, let’s take a look at seven businesses that majorly messed up. Inspired by this thread on Reddit, we are awarding all of them Business Darwin Awards. 

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How Big Brands Use Instagram to Build Customer Loyalty

Posted by Emily Tailer   

I don’t know how you feel about Instagram but, I am addicted.

My level of addiction: spending HOURS a day browsing Instagram.

Surprisingly, it’s not because I love my friends and all of the pretty pictures they share. (Don’t get me wrong, I love my friends, and I do think they take nice pictures). It’s because I enjoy seeing how the stuff I buy (or want to buy) is being used by complete strangers. Most of the people that I follow on Instagram are companies.


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Advertising Rule #1: Annoying People isn’t a Good Strategy

Posted by Jeff Ryan   

I am a Red Sox fan.

There is almost no way possible that I will ever become a Chevrolet fan.

What’s the correlation?

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5 Things Your Nonprofit is Missing from its Financial Strategy

Posted by Shay Bellas   

Nonprofits spend a lot of time defining what their mission is and what they aim to do. They see there is a need to raise awareness about a cause, and then set out to do it. Along the way they have to raise money and lobby for actions, either on the political side or constituent/consumer side, or both.  

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19 Things to Do in Maine this Summer

Posted by Monika Čobanović   

Whether you are a life-long Mainer or are visiting for the first time, you may find yourself wondering what there is to do in this great state. Summers here are especially fun, so I came up with 19 suggestions to make the most out of yours. Enjoy!

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Why Use Buyer Persona Profiles?

Posted by Carole Mahoney   

We all play various roles in our daily lives.

I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, salesperson, entrepreneur, advocate, writer, gardener, and dog lover. Depending on what I need to do, I play a certain persona. We all do. As Shakespeare wrote:

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3 Reasons Your Member & Donor Marketing is Annoying

Posted by Carole Mahoney   

I come from the for-profit world, and if you were to ask anyone who has ever worked with me, they will likely tell you that I am a serious, no fuss kind of person. And the reason is simple. I believe that businesses have a moral responsibility to do right by their customers and clients.

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Why Start-Up Entrepreneurs Should Develop Use Cases

Posted by Erica Hatch   

What is a Use Case, Exactly?

Many definitions of the term “use case” can be found across the internet. However, the easiest way to think about a use case is to simply see it as a collection of possible scenarios that may play out for specific individuals while trying to reach a particular goal. In its basic form, a use case displays a direct path toward a goal.  But because things rarely go as planned, extensions are added to play out each possible scenario. So while some use cases can simply consist of a brief description, others can be broken down into more complex step-by-step scenarios.

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